Sponge Painting


Paint is a great way for a child to express him or herself and learn about shapes and colors.Using just two or three colors and various sponges can create a wide variety of effects.
Painting with Sponges


  • Tempera or Washable Paint
  • Two or three brushes depending on number of colors used
  • White Paper (construction, scrapbook, cardstock or even sketch paper)
  • Sponge(s)
  • Paint containers(small cups or plastic pallette
  • Paper towels


  • Select colors to be used. If child hasn't painted before, then just two color works fine.
  • If it is not a new sponge, dampen very slightly.
  • Have child paint directly on sponge with paint.
  • Press onto paper making sure to help put some pressure on all areas for best print.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Having a brush for each color makes it easier to monitor.
  • Put just enough paint...too much paint can make you lose the texture.
  • If making a new print, wash well and wring out most of the water, then "dry" a little more with a paper towel.

Other Ideas

  • Use other types of sponges. We tried some from a Dollar Store that were circular and came 6 in a pack.
  • Cut the recangular sponge into basic shapes: (circle, square, triangle, rectangle)
  • If you have small sponges, use it like a paint brush.
  • Print on tissue paper to make pretty gift wrap.

Educational Notes

  • Toddler Activities involving use of paint are a great way to help develop fine motor skills as well as a great visual way to reinforce color recognition and even math concepts like counting.
  • Ask your child which color he/she wants to use. Refer to the shape of the sponge being stamped.
  • Count the number of stamped shapes or the colors used.