Making Shape Books


This is a perfect book for preschool, kindergarten and home school! Each page reinforces a color and is a good book to "read" together because of the patterning.

Make a fish shape book.


  • Construction paper or Cardstock
  • White xerox paper
  • Crayons
  • Scissors monitored by adult if child is cutting out shapes

Other Items

  • Materials to bind book: Stapler/book tape or Hole Punch/Ribbon
  • Pen to write sentences.


  • Print our free printable Fish Shape Book Pattern
  • Trace onto cardstock or use a manilla folder to make a thicker stencil.
  • Trace onto as many pages as you would like your book to have, and trace two fish onto construction paper for the covers.
  • Have your child cut the pages if she is proficient in using a scissors or pre-cut them before you begin.
  • Make a list of colors with your child. Choose about 4-5 colors for your book. If your child is familiar with more colors, add a few more pages.
  • Have your child match the sentence to the picture and glue it down with a glue stick.
  • Place all writing under pictures on each page to keep it uniform and easier for child to know which belongs to which picture.
  • Bind the book with a plastic book binder or staple on the edges and cover with colored tape. Or punch a few holes and weave a thin ribbon to hold it together.
Make a fish shape book.

Educational Tips

  • When you share the book together, point to the word and say the name.
  • Make sure to praise your child for "reading" if they can tell you anything about the photo. Picture clues are an important reading strategy for toddler books.
Make a fish shape book.

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