Mothers Day Coupon Book


Make a custom made Coupon Book for mom. Simple and easy to make for young children and a cute keepsake for later years.
Mothers Day Coupon book


Other Materials

  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Glue if you are attaching buttons, or other craft items.


  • Decorate one piece of foam or cardstock using foam letters, cut outs etc.
  • Print out blank coupons given above or find some online. There are many pre printed ones however I think mom will enjoy the ones that children come up with at this age!
  • Line up coupons and place inside of the two foam or cardboard pieces.
  • Punch two holes through all pieces.
  • Tie with ribbon, yarn, or colored raffia.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Ask your child, "How can you help mommy?" You can explain that the coupons are like tickets. If your child is too young to explain well, there are also quite a number I found by simply googling online "printable mother's day coupons."
  • Foam stickers are the easiest for very young children. If you are using foam letters, you can write your message on a piece of paper and have your child find the letters that match the word.
  • Don't worry about placement of long as they are in order, it looks cute when placed a little uneven.

Other Ideas

Coupon Pouch

Another version of this toddler activity is to glue three sides of the foam together leaving the top open to create a pouch or open envelope. Then insert coupons and make a reusable grocery coupon pouch after coupons are redeemed! Or you can punch holes on three sides and weave ribbon or string to hold it together.