Festive Christmas Trees


Make a Festive Christmas Tree using simple materials...no two trees will be alike! Great for class projects done in small groups. Appropriate for ages 4+ with assistance.


Festive Christmas Tree Craft for kids
  • Cone made of cardstock or construction paper.

  • Strips of Christmas colored or printed fabric approx 1.5 inches by 15 inches.

  • Various Christmas decorations like pom poms, ribbon, bells, small floral tie ons

  • Foam Brush

  • White Elmer's glue for glitter and craft glue like Aleene's Tacky Glue for leaves and berries.

Other Materials

  • 2 or 3 Paper plates

  • Wipes or paper towels handy to wipe hands after printing

  • Paper plates or newspaper to dry on.

  • Bag to take tree home in.


Steps to making a mini Christmas Tree
  • Have cones made in advance. Test shape and size by placing strip of fabric and wrapping without glue. A slightly wider cone will be easier to cover for young children.
  • Place all materials needed in small trays or dishes.
  • Pour glue into container and have sponge brushes ready.
  • Lay selected fabric on work mat and spread glue onto the fabric.

  • Starting from the top, wrap the fabric around, overlapping so none of the paper shows. This will create some folds and wrinkles in the fabric which give added interest.
  • Add glue to base and attach the tree. This is best with craft glue or a glue gun.
  • Add decorations to the tree using ribbons, small decorations.
  • Attach the pom pom to the top of the tree. Snip or fold top for easier application.
  • Let dry on a plate or newspaper.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Test cone shape. The taller and more narrow the cone is, the more difficult it is to wrap strips for younger children.
  • Test width of cloth strips.
  • Be sure to have wet paper towels or wipes handy.
  • Take some pictures...no two trees will be alike!
Christmas Tree Kids Craft