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Toddler Party Ideas: Need Some Kids Party Games?

Toddler Party Ideas: Here are a selection of kids party games!

Finding appropriate toddler party games can be tricky when trying to coordinate the theme, adjust for ages and accomodate for girls and boys.

Here are some toddler party ideas that worked well for a group of children ranging in ages from 18 months to four years of age and you can adapt it to your party them by simply changing the decoration to match your theme.


Pin the Tail On the Donkey...or Pin the Badge on Diego!

An old favorite take off of Pin the Tail on the Donkey birthday party game. We found a picture of Diego. You can find various themes at Party Stores or even order online. Find a simple pinata blindfold or a big hat that will cover a child's eyes easily rather than tying something around their head. The yongest toddler can just put their sticker on...that can be a challenge in itself.
party game


  • Kids Easel or Wall
  • Blindfold or Large Hat
  • Picture
  • Game Pieces with tape on the back
  • Masking Tape for taping to easel and the starting line

    1. Find a picture matching theme of your party (draw or purchase at a party supply store)
    2. Tape onto easel or wall
    3. Mark starting line with masking tape
    4. Use a pinata mask or large hat to cover eyes. Older children can use bandannas as a blind fold

    Go Fish

    Make a fishing pole and each child "fishes" for their prize. This is great for a range of ages as you can select what prize each child gets. You can adjust little prizes to the age or the person and everyone is a winner! Great for children who are shy and prefer games without competition. A cute variation using a large box is a wishing well!


  • Fishing Pole
  • Easel or Large Box (like a dryer box)
  • Sheet
  • Small prizes sorted by age in ziplocks or small bags

    1. Set up your easel or box and decorate with your party theme.
    2. Make a fishing pole or use an old cat toy. Add some twine or string and a clothes pin at the end. Add a sticker or paint to decorate the "hook".
    3. Have a helper show each child how to "fish"
    4. Person behind the easel or in the box selects prize according to age.

    Pick a Duck

    Perfect for all ages and a everyone is a winner. A kiddie pool filled with floating bath ducks...Pick one and select your prize!


  • Bath Ducks
  • Sharpie Pen
  • Plastic Kiddie Pool filled with water
  • Small prizes

    1. Put a number or a letter under each duck like A, B, C, D.
    2. Fill kiddie pool with water
    3. Place all the ducks in the pool
    4. Pur small prizes in baskets, buckets or boxes. Label each prize container A, B, C, D.
    5. Each child picks a duck and turns it over to see the letter.
    6. Match the letter to the basket with the corresponding letter and select a prize.

    Musical Chairs

    An easy toddler party idea that will bring many laughs! Use entertaining music to make it interesting and decorations on chairs to make it festive. Substitute pillows for chairs for younger toddlers.

    Use fun music that sound like animals and have children walk around like elephants, or monkeys.


  • Kids Chairs
  • Radio
  • Decorations for chairs such as balloons tied onto the backs or pictures taped onto the chairs

    1. Have enough chairs for all but one child. Example: If there are 10 children, you need 9 chairs.
    2. Place chairs in the room so they are arranged either back to back in a line or in a small circle with seat facing out.
    3. Have the children to form a larger circle around the chairs.
    4. Instruct children to walk or march around the chairs until the music stops.
    5. When the music stops, the children will sit in the chairs as fast as they can.
    6. The child who is without a chair is "out" of the game.
    7. Remove one chair.
    8. Repeat until you have one child left who is the winner.

    Other Games

    Here are some outdoor toddler party ideas.
    Egg and Spoon Race

    Use a wooden kitchen spoon to carry a plastic egg, golf ball or ping pong ball to the designated end. Form two or more teams and have half stand on one end and the other half at the other. Have each child take the spoon with the ball to the other side and hand it to the next child. The team that finishes first is the winning team.
    Clothesline and Donuts

    An old favorite toddler party idea from my childhood. If you happen to still have a clothes line...tie a donut with string to the line. Have each child try to eat the donut off the string without using hands. Winner is the first one finished...without too much dropping on the ground!
    Clothespins and Bucket Toss

    Another party game from my childhood. Decorate a couple buckets or baskets and about 6 clothespins for each. Use stickers, paint, etc to match theme of party. Form a line behind the bucket and have each child toss the clothes pins into the bucket. The winner is the child who gets the most clothespins into the bucket. Easy to make and inexpensive!!
    Potato Sack Race

    This one is sure to bring lots of laughs! Have some potato or rice sacks? Have children form teams and jump to the finish line and back. Next child in line goes until each child has a chance. The team that finishes first is the winner. Younger toddlers? Form half of the team on the other side and just jump one length or shorten the jumping distance.
    Have a toddler party idea? Please use our contact form to share it with Teaching Tiny Tots!

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