Toddler Activities: Decorate a Note Cube


Toddler Activities: Personalize a note cube with markers and you have a perfect Father's Day Gift. We found this cute idea from Martha Stewart's site and decided to make our own with a couple variations. Markers and a white or apastel note cube make this a wonderful personalized gift that can be displayed at work as a reminder of how special dad is.


note cube gift for Father's Day
  • Note Cube approx 3.5 x 3.5 inches (Plain or Pastel Colors) found at office supply stores such as Office Max or WalMart

  • Broad Tip Marker or Thick Sharpie Pen

  • Paint Pens are colorful and bright(optional with adult assistance)

  • 1-2 Rubber bands to hold cube while writing

  • Pencils or Pens

  • Print out a message or a favorite photo for the top of the cube.

  • Ribbon


  • Unwrap note cube. Rubber band the cube on the opposite side that you will be writing on or hold firmly to keep the pages firmly together when you write.

  • Write your message using pencil for young children.

  • Have your child trace the pencil with broad tip markers or a black Sharpie Pen.

  • Color hearts or shapes with paint pens (requires adult assistance)

  • Cut photo or clip art the same size as your cube. Most have a cover page or glue to the top page with a glue stick. For best hold rub glue stick on both surfaces to be glued together.

  • Tie with ribbon.

  • Slide a pen or pencils under the ribbon.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Fine tip markers with get caught on the pages. Use the wider tip sharpie for best results.

  • Adding dots to the tips of the letters creates a cute look and letters don't have to be perfectly lined up for it to look really nice.

  • Having layered colors actually makes it easy to plan your letters and spacing.