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Toddler Activities: Make a Heart Keychain

Toddler Activities: String together pony beads and make a cute keychain. Add charms or other shaped beads for variation. A great activity to work on fine motor skills.

heart keychain DESCRIPTION

Using pony heart beads and jewelry cord, your child can string together a cute bracelet.


  • Pony beads (23 beads makes a 2.5" diameter heart)
  • Letter pony beads, hearts, stars or charms (optional)

  • 12" pipe cleaner (Use white for clear beads)
  • Fabri-tac or Craft Glue
  • Key Chain Loop
  • Wire cutters (jewelry cutters)


    1. Bend 1.5" of the pipe cleaner.
    2. pipecleaner

    3. String beads onto pipe cleaner.
    4. Slide keyring before closing loop.
    5. Twist pipe cleaner 2 tight twists and secure with Fabri-Tac Glue. (Adult step)
    6. Shape into a heart shape.


  • Work on a blanket on the floor so beads rolling or falling off tables aren't an issue.

  • Use an empty egg carton to sort colors or make a pattern for stringing.
  • Glue gun will also work to secure knot.

  • Tie a ribbon and attach to a gift.
  • Glue to cardstock and make a special valentine card.

  • Practice patterning skills...lay out beads in simple patterns and have child guess the next shape or color bead.

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