Decorating Headbands


Use Buttons, Rhinestones and Silk Flowers to make this pretty hair accessory to coordinate with your child's favorite outfits. Give as a gift or it can be a make and take party activity.
Decorate a headband with buttons

headbands of various sizes for crafts


  • Any solid color plastic headband.
  • Craft Glue with a thick consistency or your decorations will slide or fall off: Aleene's Fast Grab works well holding items in place quickly or our preference is with adult supervision Fabri-tac. This glue has a very strong hold and can be found online or at Walmart and other craft stores.
  • Various decorations: silk ribbon flowers, buttons, rhinestones, glitter, small pom poms, sequins, etc.
  • Newspaper or covered area to work on


  • Choose what decorations you are going to be using.
  • Sort buttons, flowers or rhinestones by colors, size or both into small containers, muffin tins or on a tray in small piles. Great opportunity for working on sorting skills.
  • Line up your selected decorations in a row to plan how you want to glue it on.
  • Glue onto headband with craft glue.
  • Place on a heavy cup or on waxed paper to dry.
  • Tips and Suggestions

    • You need a thick tacky glue to avoid having items slip as you glue it.
    • Select items to use according to the width of the headband. The wider flat one shown in the picture above is perfect for arranging buttons while the thinner one is fine with smaller items.
    • Best worn by child 3+ years of age who understands the importance of not putting small objects in their mouth. If child is younger than three be sure to monitor while wearing in the event that a small item becomes loose.

    Silk Flowers

    For a dainty headband, find silk roses from any store with craft supplies. They are often in the wedding section in small packages. Use roses with specific colors to celebrate a and green for Christmas, red, white and blue for Fourth of July or white for a wedding.
    headband decorated with silk flowers

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