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Everyone is welcome! Here is your opportunity to be an active participant at Teaching Tiny Tots. We started sharing articles on our main site but as this site has grown, we have moved all articles to our blog. Here is the link to: Teaching Tiny Tots Blog. If you choose to submit an article, please use our contact us button at the bottom of the page to make a request.

Guidelines for Approved Submissions
Please read all guidelines to help ensure publication. If any guideline is not met, we will not publish your submission. Feel free to use our Contact Form if you have any questions.
  1. Content must be relevant to our site and safe for all audiences.

  2. Articles should be submitted with a minimum of one photo pertaining to the content submitted. All submissions are required to have a photo. Recipe submission should have a minimum of one photo of the finished product.

  3. Articles should be 400-600 words with a topic relevant to children.

  4. To ensure that we provide our readers with relevant and accurate information we reserve the right to modify or edit submissions including spelling or grammatical errors.

  5. Links wil NOT be published live and articles containing them will be deleted. Due to recent changes we must adhere to these rules.

  6. Duplicated content will not be published. We will check your submitted entry with a Plagiarism Checker. Note that changing just a few words is not sufficient to be considered unique content. We are looking for a minimum of 85% unique content. Please make sure you have the rights to publish pictures uploaded.

  7. Thank you for taking the time to read our guidelines. Submitting an article assumes you are fully aware of all the requirements.

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Please Note:
To ensure that we provide our readers with relevant and accurate information we reserve the right to modify or edit submissions. Please note this site is carefully monitored to ensure all submissions are appropriate to viewers of all ages. Submissions and comments that are deemed inappropriate by Teaching Tiny Tots will not be published. Links may or may not be published live, submissions containing only links will not be published. We are not featuring individual sites however, if you have a kid friendly site and are interested in exchanging links, Please Contact Us and we'd be happy to consider your request.

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