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Decoupage Gift Box

Decorate a container to make a cute gift box. Decoupage with tissue is a great hands on activity for young children. Layers of tissue can be easily overlapped and doesn't need to be perfectly laid. In fact variation gives each project a unique appearance and neat textures. Ages 3+

decoupage gift box DESCRIPTION

Cute box that can be used as a gift box, display piece or as a trinket box.


  • Cardboard box from craft stores like Hobby Lobby or use empty shoe boxes, Quaker Oats containers, etc.
  • Mod Podge Matte Finish is best but you can use Elmer's Glue and water mixture in approximately a 3:1 (glue/water) ratio
  • Tissue Paper
  • Decorative items like rhinestones, silk flowers, lightweight items like our butterfly. The stars are transparent glass often used for mosaics.
  • Foam Brush like these work well. You can find them at any craft store and are inexpensive. Buy a couple because they can break after a few uses.
  • Strong tacky glue for decorations.

  • Small bowl or container to put ModPodge in
  • Container to rinse brushes with water after project is finished. You do not need to rinse while doing the project.
  • Newspaper to work on.

    1. Cover working surface with newspaper and fill a small bowl with Mod Podge.
    2. Cut or tear pieces of tissue. If I'm doing it for a class I cut strips using a
    3. Fill bowl with ModPodge
    4. Brush some Mod Podge in a small area on your box.
    5. Place a few pieces of tissue and then brush over the tissue with more Mod Podge
    6. Let dry

    7. Glue on small decorations. Let dry.


  • Show your child how to overlap pieces. If they want to build it up and layer more, it gives it texture.

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