Scissor Skill Builders

by Shanna Brooks

Pre-school aged children are expected to meet specific guidelines prior to the start of their official academic career. The ability to know how to use a pair of scissors is a skill that kindergartners are expected to have mastered before the start of school.

Parents often cringe about the thought of allowing young children to have access to scissors, crayons, markers and related items. Parents often visualize colored walls, new pet hair styles and of course the ever popular," mommy, I cut my own hair" syndrome. Although these are often nightmares come true, pre-school children should have daily opportunities to express themselves. Parents can set up an art corner or a schedule an art time each day.

Parents can teach children safety rules and scissor etiquette. In addition, parents can help their children to find the proper size of scissors and the proper hand the child should hold the scissors with based upon handedness or ambidextrous style.

Parents can offer children skill building activities with scissors. A sample of activities include:

* Allow your child to cut up old magazines, junk mail, newpapers and catalogs.
* draw lines. Later draw curved lines and shapes for your child to cut-out
* Paper dolls printed from the home couputer allow the oppurtunity to cut for fun
* Allow your child to help in meal preperation. Your child can cut open a bag of food for you. Of course under careful supervision.
* have family art time. Children can cut paper, foam sheets, felt and construction paper.
* Allow your child to make his or her own confetti for holidays and birthdays.

The home environment may hold a variety of items that can be easily cut up for skill building.

There are internet resources that parents can utilize to learn how to build a child's scissor skills. Craft websites offer printable cutting activities.

In addition to building scissor skills, cutting improves eye-hand coordination and small motor skills. Building these skill will assist your child in the future ability to write and improve handwriting.

You can find scissor skill builders at Scissors Skills at DLTK

Ann Arbor residents can purchase child-size scissors at local stores. You can find scissors at Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree locations and in a variety of art & craft stores and markets.

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