Learning Around the House

by Diana

Matching Shapes

Matching Shapes

Fun Way to Learn Shapes and Colors Around the House!

Here are some ways to introduce some basic concepts like shapes and colors. Make your home a fun learning environment where children learn naturally through observation and play.

  • Colored construction paper

  • Tape

  • Marker
  • Scissors

  • Clear Contact Paper


    1. Cut colored construction paper in each of the basic shapes. Make a second set to match.

    2. Tape one set to a flat surface visible to your child.

    3. Laminate the second set with contact paper for matching.

    Games to Play
  • Hand one shape to your child and have them match it to the taped one.

  • Or have your child point to the red circle, blue square, etc.

  • Make it a little out of reach. It will discourage the "peeling off" of shapes but yet still is very visible and accessible when referring to it or playing a matching game.
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