Birdseed Pine Cones

by Natalie Hoage
(Southern CA)

Birdseed Pine Cones

Birdseed Pine Cones

This is the easiest, fastest toddler project ever! My little guy has two speeds: fast and faster. He is VERY busy! I'm always looking for projects that are easy and inexpensive, and this one is both. These birdseed pine cones kept him busy for a lot longer than anything else ever has, and the birds love them! We keep making new ones and hanging them in our trees - it's so much fun to watch the birds eat from them!

I think it goes without saying, but I'll say it anyways, that this is definitely a do-it-outside project. Let's face it, anytime you have kids and birdseed together, there's gonna be a mess! Here's whatcha do:

- Get a few pine cones

- Spread peanut butter all over the pine cone

- Roll the peanut butter pine cone in birdseed

- Cut a very long string of yarn. Tie one end to the stem of the pine cone and the other end to the tree branch

- Have fun watching the birds!

And that's it! Easy, fast, and inexpensive. I had my nephew over the other day, and the boys must have made ten of them! It kept them busy for a very long time!

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