Best Bags for Traveling with Babies and Toddlers


Toddler Travel is always full of need what seems like an endless list of items for diapering, feeding, and entertainment. Here are some of our suggestions for organizing and carrying these items to make it easier.

Selecting the Best Bag for Your Needs

Traditional Carry On Bag

A carry-on that has sections and pockets and a shoulder strap will be very handy. Baby Backpacks, Roomy Diaper bags or the traditional carry on bag with strap are good choices. This bag should be able to fit under the seat in front of you. You will find yourself constantly getting things out....snacks, diapers, bottles, toys and books. This will be especially true with children under two years of age. Organizing items into different sections of your bag will make it easier to reach in and grab things without hauling it onto your lap to search for things.


Backpacks for travel often have multiple zippered areas. Often one for a laptop or iPad, a main compartment and a smaller front compartment to store small items like pens, keys and wallet. These keep your hands free while keeping your things organized without having to dig through a big purse or bag.

Diaper Bag

Need a diaper bag but not ready to give up the designer bag? Coach offers a constantly changing line of diaper bags that come with a pad that can be used to change diapers or pad your iPad/laptop. Most have pockets on either end which can carry sippy cups or bottles or a small thermos. Use a flexible cozie to keep fluids cold. With pockets for phone and small items, it often has almost hidden long zippered pockets great for separating your wallet. The main compartment also often has a long slip pocket as well. This is definitely a bag that has both quality and style.

Lumbar Packs

Perfect for Dad. It can hold your personal items and important documents like passport, tickets and ID's. Keep these documents in a separate pocket for easy access and less opportunity of misplacing them. Fanny or Mountainsmith Kinetic II Bag like the one shown in the photo are good choices because they keep your hands free and your important items will be on your person at all times. This particular lumbar pack has a pocket on either side for water bottles. The main compartment has a small zippered mesh pocket and a clip for keys. Small padded front pocket for glasses. Approximately 8 x 8 x 3 inches.

Travel Purse

Here is another option for carrying personal items and a little bit more. It's the Overland Equipment Donner Purse - Women's with lots of compartments that lays relatively flat against your body but can also hold my Nikon D-60. The front has an organizer pocket with a slot for pens, pocket for glasses, two additional pockets for small items and a small zippered mesh pocket. There is a slip pocket in the back and a zippered main compartment with one slip pocket in the interior. It has two pockets on either side that will hold a water bottle.

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