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Toddler Party Ideas: Need Some Thanksgiving Party Ideas?

Toddler Party Ideas: A selection of crafts, recipes and ideas for Thanksgiving Parties.

thanksgiving decorations Here is a selection of ideas from our website that would make any Thanksgiving Party or celebration a memorable one.

Party Activities

mini handprint turkey Handprint Turkey and Poems
Make a handprint turkey with feathers, paint and markers. Add a cute Thanksgiving poem.

printable thanksgiving book Thanksgiving Printables
Here are a few printables for songs, mini books and more. Great for keeping kids busy while adults chat!! Make a kids table with crayons and some of our printables.

Yummy Fun

thumbnail pumpkin bread Pumpkin Bread
Pumpkin Bread is a great recipe for the classroom or a Thanksgiving celebration. Muffins or loaves make a tasty treat!

mini oreo turkeys Oreo Turkeys
Oreo Turkeys make a nice centerpiece or table decorations.

Thanksgiving Decorations

thanksgiving decorations Pumpkins, Gourds and Corn
Buy an assortment of pumpkin varieties, dried corn and mini gourds and arrange in a bowl or on a plate for an easy colorful decorative arrangement. Good prices and assortment can be found at local produce stands if you have any in your area after Halloween.
pine cone turkey Pine Cone Turkeys
Pine cone turkeys are easy to make. Put a card in front of it or write on the body to make cute place settings at a dinner table.

fall leaves paper plate craft Fall Leaves
Cut out or use dies cuts of leaves in various colors of construction paper. Cut a paper plate into a spiral and glue leaves on in bunches or in patterns. Hang from the middle. Good make and take or activity to keep kids busy.

thumbnail salt dough turkey Salt Dough Turkey Decorations
Decorations for the Thanksgiving celebration or a cute gift.


Thanksgiving Make a Word Ages 5+ with some knowledge how to spell

On a sheet of paper write or print out "THANKSGIVING" in large letters. Give each child a sheet of paper and see how many words they can make using just the letters in Thanksgiving. You can make a word with two "g's" because there are two g's in Thanksgiving but you can only the other letters once. Work in teams with younger children so they can be a part of it.
Pin the Waddle on the Turkey
-Pin the Tail on the Donkey take off

Turkey or Cornucopia Pinata
-Fun for older toddlers (saw some really cute ones at WalMart)

Musical Chairs
-Play spooky music, tie black and orange balloons to the chairs to make it festive

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