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Travelling with babies, toddlers and young children can be quite challenging. Whether it is a long car ride or an airplane ride, being prepared can make a tremendous difference. Included in this section will be tips for preparing and packing. Also included will be ideas, products or techniques that may help make your travel a smoother experience.

Tips for Airplane Travel

suitcase twins Each time we got on the plane we were afraid we were going to be "that family...the one that everyone wishes were 10 rows away. I could almost say for certain that a few people were wondering where we were going to sit as my husband boarded the plane with two car seats!

While being very pleased with the compliments we received upon arrival at our destination, I know they had expected us to be walking up and down aisles with crying babies.

After all they are babies and well...babies do fuss and cry. However, by preparing in advance, we found that travelling with babies and toddlers has gone about as smooth as you could hope for. Our longest flight has been nine hours with a two hour delay, on the plane. My sister also travels frequently with her twins who are under the age of two and helped provide numerous tips she found helpful when travelling.

Other Travel Resources

Family Travel Made Easy is a comprehensive site for parents considering travelling with kids. From camping to going to the beach, from car travel to flying there is something here for everyone. Plus there is also loads of free printables for kids.

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