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Toddler Recipes: Making Butter

Toddler Recipes: A yummy activity that you and your toddler can do together. Make your own butter....just shake, shake, shake

making homemade butter DESCRIPTION

This was done as a classroom activity with children in Kindergarten, Second Graders and Fourth Graders. It was tailored to the grade and done as a culminating activity on liquids and solids or after reading The Butter Battle Book by Dr. Suess. It can be a great hands on activity for toddlers with parental supervision.


  • 1 small carton of whipping cream.

  • Crackers (Club Crackers taste great with butter)
  • Salt (optional)

  • Baby Food Jar or small mason jar, or similar

    1. Pour whipping cream into a jar about half full.
    2. Shake the jar up and down until solid butter forms..
    3. Add salt if desired.

    4. Spread on crackers or bread and enjoy! Chill leftovers.


  • Take turns of 25 shakes each person so as not to get tired.
  • It will take quite a few shakes to get a solid formed but it will be very apparent when the liquid starts to turn into a solid. The jar will first be coated in the cream and as the butter forms you will be able to see into the jar.
  • One year different classes used different size bottles to see which was faster. The smaller bottles worked the best.
  • Note: Please do only with adult supervision. If child is younger an adult will have to do most of the shaking! You might want to place bottle into a freezer ziplock to make it easier to grasp and shake with your child. The main idea is for your child to feel like she or he helped to make the butter.


  • When I did this activity with older children, we tallied the number of shakes and compared each group's results on a class graph.

  • Show your child water and an ice cube and make a comparison. Usse the words liquid and solid to describe each. Show them the whipping cream and explain that you are going to make it into a solid.
  • For very young toddlers write the word Butter in large print and focus on the B sound. Make it an activity around the letter B sound and find 3 other familiar items, toys or food that start with B (Ball, Banana, Book)

  • Provided are two printables. One is the recipe illustrated in four steps and the second page are the steps with a blank space to illustrate your own book.

    Print Toddler Recipe Here

    Print Book Here

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