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Toddler Recipes: Trifle Heath Cake

Toddler Recipes: A Chocolate-Lover's Dessert

heath trifle cake DESCRIPTION

A yummy layered dessert with chocolate cake, pudding and whipped topping with Heath or Butterfinger sprinkles.


  • 1 box chocolate cake mix.

  • 1 box instant chocolate jello pudding mix
  • 1 8 oz frozen whipped topping, thawed
  • 1 bar candy (Heath or Butterfinger)

  • milk


  • 9 x 13 pan or as directed by cake mix.
  • trifle dish


    1. Bake cake as directed.
    2. Mix pudding mix with half the amount of milk. Add a little more if it is too thick.

    3. Let cake cool and cut into small pieces. Lay in a single layer and bottom of trifle dish

    4. Spread half of the pudding mixture on the cake layer.
    5. Spread half of the whipped topping next.

    6. Repeat layers. Sprinkle Heath candy pieces or Butterfinger pieces on top.


  • Instead of frozen whipped topping, whip a half pint of heavy cream for a richer taste.
  • If children are helping, you can just make a single layer right in the pan when cake has completely cooled. Make sure to layer in this order for best result: cake, pudding, whipped topping, candy pieces.


  • Use brownies in place of cake

  • Sprinkle various types of candies according to occasion....pastel sprinkles for Easter, Red Hots in a heart shape for Valentines, etc.

  • Make it mini trifle dishes for individual servings

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