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Toddler Recipes: Halloween Black Cats!

Toddler Recipes: Here is a simple black cat to make that will add fun to any party table!

hoho black cats DESCRIPTION

A great way to add some fun to any party table. Dress up a HoHo or a chocolate-covered cream filled cake roll and decorate with some artfully arranged candies.


  • 1 box of HoHo's or or chocolate covered cream filled rolls

  • Mini M and M's or small candy coated chocolates.
  • Black String Licorice or Black Twizzlers
  • Chocolate Frosting or Black Icing (to adhere)

  • Toothpick or small skewer (adult handles only)

    1. Cut licorice pieces into one inch strips for whiskers. We used two pieces for each cat. Cut longer piece for tail.
    2. Put a dab of icing and center the whiskers on cake roll. We used two pieces.
    3. Place another dab of icing on center of whiskers and place mini m and m.
    4. Put two dabs of icing using skewer where eyes are to be placed.

    5. Place mini m and m's on icing.

    6. For ears cut a triangle out of licorice twizzlers or use black gumdrops.

    7. Put a dab of frosting on the base of ears and place where desired.

    8. Poke with a skewer or toothpick in the back of hoho for tail. Insert licorice tail.
    9. Place on plate to set until dry.


  • Using dark colored icing as the "glue" will make it less noticeable
  • We could not find string licorice so we bought regular black twists and cut into thin slices with a knife for the whiskers. For the ears we took the twizzler and cut each end into a triangle so that the base was flat. (adult only of course)
  • We found mini M and M's by the register in small round containers, not in the candy section at the grocery store although it might be easier to find during Halloween in bags.
  • Wrap in a clear goodie bags and tie for individual treats or arrange on a plate as a centerpiece.

    christmas hoho mice Christmas Mice

    Toddler recipes like this are easy to vary by changing the decorations. Use green and red gummy fruit ears and make some Christmas mice.

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