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Toddler Books: Make Your Own Touch and Feel Books

Toddler Books: Make Your Own Touch and Feel Book

texture book DESCRIPTION

Remember how your toddler enjoyed those books with textures? Why not make a simple one of his or her own?


  • Cardstock or construction paper cut to size of choice

  • Pencil, Scissors

  • Glue Elmers or Aleenes Tacky for better grip

  • Ideas for textures:

    1. Felt, velour, corduroy, etc.

    2. Cotton

    3. Dried Beans, Oatmeal

    4. Sand

    5. Glitter Glue

    6. Spongy filled shapes

    7. Foam Shapes

    8. Small pom poms

    9. Ribbon, yarn or string

    10. Pipecleanrs

    11. Foil

    12. Saran Wrap (ocean pictures to make water)


    1. Draw simple picture with pencil.
    2. Decide what textures to use and glue.
    3. Bind Book using velobind, staple and tape or hole punch and ribbon.


  • If the book is for a very young toddler, make sure pieces are glued well. A craft glue will have a stronger hold.
  • Make sure you read with your child and discuss textures. That way you are also monitoring any pieces that get loose.

  • Make a page a day rather than trying to complete the book in one day!

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