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Toddler Activities: Tiny Handprints

Toddler Activities: This is one of my favorite first toddler activities and a touching memento to look back upon. Tiny tots quickly grow into big'll be surprised just how quickly their hands and feet grow.

finger paint tiny hanprints DESCRIPTION

A gift that you will always cherish...they will never be this tiny again!


  • Tempera Paint
  • Brush and Paper Plate
  • white construction paper or cardstock
  • Print out poem provided below (optional)

    1. Have materials ready and start painting
    2. Print Handprint Poem Here
    3. Let dry thoroughly before handling.
    4. Glue poem where you would like


  • Foam brushes make it easier to apply paint to hand if child is reluctant to touch paint in plate.
  • Tape paper to table you are working on so the paper doesn't slide around

  • Less paint is better for a clearer print.
  • If child is younger than 6 months, you will likely need assistance, one to hold child in lap and one to help apply paint guide hand or foot to paper.

    Baby Albums tiny handprints for baby book

  • Don't forget to make a set for your first year baby book! You'd be surprised how quickly little hands and feet grow.
  • Framed handprints make a nice gift for grandparents.


  • Use primary colors to reinforce color identification for toddlers.

  • Make a set to post on a bulletin board or other visible place and label Left and Right

  • Make into a mini book in different color hand prints labeled right and left to practice colors and recognition of right and left hand.

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