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Toddler Activities: Christmas Salt Dough Ornaments

Toddler Activities: Salt Dough Ornaments for Christmas

christmas salt dough DESCRIPTION

Endless variations on decorations make this a wonderful idea for ornaments and gifts.

See here for the Salt Dough Recipe


  • Cookie Cutters and Molds
  • Glue for the Glitter
  • Crayons

  • Water Soluble Paint or Water Colors

  • Glitter
  • Puff Paint
  • Ribbon

    1. Make Dough as Directed in the Salt Dough Recipe link provided above.

    2. Gingerbread Boy: Paint brown, and when dry use white puff paint to decorate.

      Snowflake: Paint light blue and when dry rub with white crayon.

      Christmas Tree: Paint green, use a crayon to colour ornaments, then dot with white puff paint.

      Wrapped Gift: Pink background, red giftwrap, green and yellow bow, white puff paint and red puff paint beads around edge of cookie.

      Cottage: Light green background, brown house and chimney red hearts, orange door. light grey roof and white puff paint for the snow.

      Snowman: Paint background yellow. When dry paint snowman white, broom light brown for straw and dark brown for broom stick. Paint his hat, buttons, eyes and mouth black. Paint hat band green and nose orange. Use white puff paint for the snow on the ground.

      Christmas Tree: Blue background, green tree, yellow star, red and yellow ornaments and use Elmer's Glue to make dots and sprinkle with silver glitter.

      Candy Canes: Yellow background and rub red crayon over the candy canes.

      Teddy Bear: Wash over background with diluted green paint. When dry paint the bear brown, bow yellow, eyes white and mouth red.

      Wreath: Green background, red ribbon, Elmer's glue on wreath then sprinkle with silver glitter. When dry use red puff paint to make red berries,

      Partridge: This cookie is all paint: Light purple background, yellow bird, orange feathers on head red, brown branch and green leaves.

      Bells: Pink background, grey bells, green bow with red stripe, red pattern on bells and red for the clappers.

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