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Safety First in All Toddler Activities

First of all, keep in mind these toddler activities are designed for ages 1-4 or older depending on your child's previous experiences, capability and readiness. All of which you as a parent, grand parent or teacher are the best judge of. I will continue to express caution and always encourage you to check for's became an occupational habit while teaching. When you are watching the well being of 25 young children you have to be aware of all potential hazards.


  • Once an art or activity area is established, make sure to set limits for the use of materials. Be firm and set the rules and consequences.

  • Show your child where to put the crayons, markers and other supplies after using. Have a specific container to put it in. You will be pleasantly surprised after consistent reminders that you are not finding crayons in the couch, under tables, in toys.
  • Always read labels on products you purchase whether it is paint, glue, etc. Note where it is made and make an informed decision.
  • When using paints or markers that are not washable, be sure you know ahead of time what you will use to clean up with. Again read the box, container or wrapper of the soap, sponge, liquid to make sure it is safe for use on skin.
  • Check toys and books periodically to make sure there are no loose pieces, broken parts, or liquids leaking from teethers, batteries left in toys, etc.
  • For any new activity involving new materials whether it be crayons, markers, or paint 1 or 2 colors is a good start. Let them trade ore request a different color. It's also a great opportunity to reinforce color recognition and encourage language.
  • Take time to show them how to use new materials...whether it is to hold a pencil properly, open and close a cap of a marker, close the glue or cover the glue stick. It will take many reminders but these are all necessary skills for Kindergarten.

  • Take a few minutes to explain how to safely hand items like pencils and scissors to you or siblings to minimize accidents.

  • Strictly enforce where and when they are allowed to use scissors and pencils.

  • Periodically check for Recalls

    Taking a few precautions early will make your toddler activities safer and more enjoyable!

  • Now...let's have some fun!!

    Other Safety Tips


  • Here are some Safety Tips when using fireworks.

  • Halloween and Trick or Treating

  • Here are some Safety Tips when Trick or Treating.

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