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Toddler Activities: Learning Letters and Sounds with Letter Cookies

Toddler Activities: A fun way to learn letters, Sounds and even Short Words Using Letter Cookies...and what better incentive then a few cookies?

letter cookies beginning sounds

Learning Beginning Letter Sounds


Find a box of Earth's Best Organic Letter of the Day Cookies in your Baby and Toddler section for this activity. This product is available in the United States and Canada and can also be ordered online.


  • 1 box of Organic Letter of the Day Cookies
  • Placemat
  • Various objects (fruit, small toys, familiar objects)

  • Small plate or tray to hold Cookies

    1. Lay out 3-5 letters on the placemat in front of one object (apple, small toy, etc)
    2. Have your child say the name of the object. See if your child can either tell you the initial sound or letter.
    3. Let your child select the letter cookie that has the correct beginning sound of the object.
    4. Reward your child either with the letter he got correct or set aside a few from the box as the reward if you prefer not to consume the ones used in the game. Even if your child was not able to select the correct sounds, make sure you reward your child for trying!
    If your child has difficulty:

    1. Place only two cookies on mat to select from
    2. Say the name of the object. Say the first sound. Let your child copy you.
    3. Say the name of each letter cookie and then say the sound. Let your child say the sound with you.
    4. Say the name of the object and then say the sound of the first cookie. Ask your child if it sounds the same.


  • Buy two boxes and keep one for games and one for snacks!

  • According to the box one serving is 9 pieces so keep that in mind when snacking.

    Alphabet Train or Match the Letters

    This toddler activity will help reinforce letter recognition and the order of the alphabet.


  • New Box of Organic Letter Cookies
  • Note: Our first two boxes had all the letters and extras, the third was missing the letter Q. Make sure you try this one with a full box if you are trying to do the alphabet train. If you have a partial box, you can print out the alphabet page and match just a few. Matching letters is still great practice for letter recognition.

  • Placemat
  • Print Alphabet Page if your toddler needs help with the order.
  • Steps:
      organic cookies alphabet train

    1. Printable Alphabet Cookie Match Page
    2. Place the cookies in a tray or dish face up.
    3. Lay the cookies in order of the Alphabet.
    4. Point to different cookies and have your child either name the letter or identify the sound.


  • If your child can recognize letters or is familiar with the alphabet, he/she can line letters up without paper for a more challenging activity.
  • Print on construction paper and laminate with contact paper. This way you can wipe it down with a damp cloth and reuse.
  • Write the alphabet in lowercase letters and give your child five cookies and try to match it with the corresponding letter on the paper.
  • Match the Object with the Word

    This toddler activity will help recognition of words and beginning sounds.

    cookie words Materials:

  • of Organic Letter Cookies
  • Placemat
  • Small Toys, Objects, Fruit, Snacks (raisin box, small package of pretzels, etc)
  • Steps:

    1. Place the cookies in a tray or dish face up.
    2. Lay the cookies in order of the Alphabet.
    letter cookies making words


  • If your child is still learning to recognize letters or is not familiar with the alphabet, write the letters in a row on a piece of construction paper to match.
  • Spelling Names

    Recognizing their own names is an important toddler activity! letter cookies spelling name Materials:

  • Organic Letter Cookies
  • Placemat
  • Tray or plate for letters
  • Steps:

    1. Place the cookies in a tray or dish face up.
    2. Have your child spell their name.


  • If your child is still learning to recognize their name, only place the letters in their name on the dish face up. You might even write or print the letters in capitals on a piece of paper and have your child match the letters by placing it on them as shown in photo above.

  • Thanks for stopping by! Comments Are Welcome!

    Books are a great way to reinforce any concept and a great intro to any toddler activity. My girls absolutely loved the ABC sticker book from Roger Priddy!

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