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Toddler Activities: Chinese New Year Dragon Puppet

Toddler Activities: Make a Dragon Puppet to celebrate Chinese New Year

chinese dragon DESCRIPTION

Make a colorful dragon puppet with streamers to celebrate Chinese New Year. Great classroom activity.


  • Free Printable Chinese Dragon Puppet. Print Dragon Here
  • Washable Markers (bright colors-red, green, yellow, blue and orange)

  • Lunch size Paper Bag
  • Elmers Glue

  • Scissors

  • Colored Tissue Paper 1 inch strips


    1. Print out dragon head
    2. Color with markers and cut out.
    3. Glue to bottom of paper bag.
    4. Glue strips of tissue under head to form streamers.


    The Dragon parade is a special part of the Chinese New Year. The Chinese dragon is a most sacred animal and was the emblem of the Chinese emperors. Once each year, the dragon leads a parade to wish everyone peace, prosperity, and good luck. The dragon which might stretch a hundred feet long, is typically made of silk, paper, and bamboo.

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