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Toddler Activities: Flower Button Pins

Toddler Activities: Create a sweet button pin for someone special. Great Mother's Day gift or for your child's teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week.

button pins DESCRIPTION

Make cute button pins. Do some pre-math activities to make it even more engaging! Count, sort and make patterns with the buttons. Talk about colors, shades, shapes and size.


  • Buttons of various colors and shapes. They sell mixed bags of buttons at craft stores. You can also use scrapbook buttons for the top pieces as we did.
  • Tacky Craft Glue (Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue recommended)
  • Pin Back
  • small piece of felt

  • Small tray or blanket to lay out buttons on
  • Scissors
  • Waxed Paper
      button pin step 2

    1. Select five buttons for the petals and arrange on a flat surface covered by a piece of waxed paper.
    2. Glue together the top two buttons.
    3. Put a drop of glue on each of the five buttons laid out for the petals as shown in picture.
    4. Place the two glued top buttons on the "petals".

    5. Let dry.

    6. button pin step 6

    7. Cut a small piece of felt just large enough to fit over the inside of the pinback. (See photo)
    8. Glue to pinback and then glue felt to the back of the button pin.


  • You will need craft glue for the buttons to hold together. I used a couple Aleene's and found the Fast Grab worked best because it is very thick.

  • You can use buttons with the back shank...just use a jewelry cutter and cut the loop off the back.

    button flowers sorting

    Pre Activity Games

    Math Concepts

    Great toddler activity for introducing a few Math Concepts in a fun way. The girls loved sorting through the buttons and one of my daughters actually sorted about 2,000 buttons into bags by size. (small, medium and large)

    Numbers and Number Sense

  • Counting: Count how many buttons for each flower.
  • Patterns, Sorting and Classifying (Algebra and Functions)

  • Sorting Objects by Attribute (color, size or shape)Sort buttons by color in muffin tins prior to selecting for activity.
  • Comparing Objects (color, size, shape) Discuss the colors or shapes of the different buttons.

    Even if you choose not to do the math pre activities, use color and number words during the activity to help reinforce math concepts.

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