Toddler Activities: The Active Toddler

Toddler Activities for Active Children

Don't think your child is ready to sit down with a crayon? There are many other activities that can reinforce basic concepts such as color, numbers and alphabet while also enhancing gross motor skill. We have come up with a few simple games that you can do outside with few materials. Keep in mind that an activity at this age may be only 5 minutes. The amount of time will continue to increase if you are consistent with how you set up, and how often you engage in any structured activity.

Games Reinforcing Basics: Colors, Numbers, Gross Motor Skills, Concentration, Following Directions

identifying colored balls

Other Engaging Activities

  • Singing Songs
  • Finger Plays and Reading Stories with Puppets
  • Backyard Nature Walks
  • Label Fun (label items around the home)
  • Sensory Boxes
  • Sand Tables
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Bean Bag Toss with colored bean bags

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