Low Carb Recipes

This is our newest section! Check back as we build it and add new items


We decided to try a healthier diet which included adding more fish and vegetables and minimizing carbs...not a full keto diet, just less carbs. The only way I felt this would work for us is if the kids would eat the dinners as I was not going to prepare two dishes or allow them to eat frozen dinners or peanut butter sandwiches. So all recipes posted are kid tested and approved! This is a new section so we will be continually adding more content.

Low Carb Lunch Ideas

We have added some no cook, low carb lunch ideas that you can pack and go.

Family Friendly Low Carb Meals

Instant Pot

When my rice cooker/steamer/crockpot died I bought an Instant Pot. I'll share our favorite meals.