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Farm Book

Farm Book with Farm Animals


Make a farm book with all the animals. Perfect after a field trip to the zoo or farm. This could be done in Kindergarten or 1st grade. Just add sentences for 1st graders to write independently.


  • Construction paper Large size 18 inches x 12 inches

  • Xerox paper with printer
  • Stencils cut out of oak tag or cardboard of the animals
  • Tempera Paint
  • Sponges cut into squares
  • Glue Stick
  • Paper cutter (adult only) or scissors

    1. Buy or make your stencils. To make your own, find a printable picture and enlarge with copier until it is the size you desire. Trace and cut onto oaktag or cardboard and try to cut from the center. You will want to use the open shape to fill with paint.
    2. Have each child select an animal and create a sentence. Type and print, cut into words for the child to arrange on the paper.
    3. Practice sponge painting on scrap paper or a piece of paper towel to avoid globs of paint on the actual picture!
    4. Work one on one or in very small groups with assistance.
    5. Let pictures dry.
    6. Have child arrange sentence in the correct order. Glue stick the pieces onto the paper.
    7. (Adult step) Bind book with binding machine, large capacity stapler or punch holes and tie.


  • Have a parent come in to assist! Parents love to come in to the classroom at this age.

    rooster on the farm Rooster

    cow on the farm cow

    dog on the farm Dog

    bunny on the farm Bunny

    sheep on the farm Sheep

    Special thanks to a wonderful kindergarten teacher who made my daughter's year a very special one. This was the book she won at the end of the year and has given us special permission to share!

    Thanks for stopping by! Comments Are Welcome!

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