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Water Colors for Little Blue and Little Yellow

Water Colors are a great medium to use especially with young children. Crafts are a great way to motivate children to develop an interest in books and improve fine motor skills. It is also a fun way to spend time with your kids to create their own works of art. Read Little Blue and Little Yellow by Lio Lionni and use our free printable to make your own Little Blue and Little Yellow. Ages 3+

little blue and little yellow DESCRIPTION

A great way to share a book is to do a project after reading it. This book craft is great for preschool, homeschool or a Kindergarten project. Recommended Age 3+


  • The Book Little Blue and Little Yellow
  • Free printable page for circles: Little Circles
  • Free printable page for the three primary combinations: Little Colors
  • Card Stock or thick paper
  • Water Colors
  • Brush

  • Glue Stick
  • Container to rinse brushes with water
  • Newspaper to work on

    1. Read Little Blue and Little Yellow
    2. Discuss what happened in the book. Review using the pictures in the book
    3. Talk about their favorite part of the story.
    4. Print our free printable circles or draw your own Venn Diagram.
    5. Paint the circles.
    6. Print out our page and fill in the blanks together. Cut into strips and glue onto correct page.

    7. Bind into a mini book. (optional)


  • We found the best results with a set of Crayola Watercolors . We tried two different brands of tube paint and it just didn't blend as easily for the girls.

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    color experiment

  • See our Science Experiment with Primary and Secondary Colors

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