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Toddler Toys: Water and Sand Tables

Toddler Toys: A water or sand table are perfect centers to learn about measurement, volume and other simple math concepts.

water table DESCRIPTION

Toddler toys: Great for filling with sand, rice, water and even bubbles! Use measuring cups, measuring spoons, funnels, water wheels and other fun toys to make this a fun learning experience.

Take it to the Beach, Backyard Summer Parties, or even on the patio of a classroom.

Toys to Add to A Water Table

  • Measuring Cups
  • Measuring Spoon
  • Funnels
  • Water Wheels
  • Buckets
  • Toy boats
  • Eyedroppers
  • Foam Bath Letters
  • Bath Toys
  • Small Plastic Watering Containers
  • Plastic Animals (Sea Animals would be fun)
  • Sponges
  • Kitchen Utencils like whisks or ladles

    water table at the beach

  • Count as your child scoops water or fills a bucket.
  • Show how much is one cup and use language like One cup or half cup.
  • Use measuring cups, buckets and spoons to pour and fill.
  • Compare amounts and determine which holds more.

  • Toys to Add to a Sand Table sand table

    In addition to some of the Water Table suggestions:

  • Plastic Sand Molds
  • Sand Buckets
  • Toy Kitchen items (dishes, cups)
  • Toy Trucks
  • Fun toys (buried treasure)
  • Sand shovel


  • Build sand castles and compare sizes
  • Count how many buildings you make
  • Build a tall shape and a small shape
  • Build patterns of small and large buildings
  • Bury small toys for your child to discover (plastic dinosaurs)

  • There are variations of sets so do some research online to get one you feel your child will enjoy.

  • Consider height, size, sturdiness and what depth you want for the water, sand or both when selecting your table.
  • If you plan to leave it out in the open, a cover is something you might want to consider.


    Use lots of descriptive words when playing with your child to reinforce colors and size.

    Math Concepts

    Numbers and Number Sense

  • Counting
  • Represent (How many is three?)
  • Quantity (More, Less, Equal)
  • Patterns, Sorting and Classifying (Algebra and Functions)

  • Sorting Objects by Attribute (color, size or shape)
  • Comparing Objects (color, size, shape)
  • Simple Patterns

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