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Toddler Toys: Building with Mega Bloks

Toddler Toys: Looking for a gift or something new for your toddler? Mega Bloks are great toy to reinforce color, sorting, counting and patterns. See our activities suggested below.

mega bloks DESCRIPTION

Toddler toys: children love to build and Mega Bloks are great for young builders. It's colorful pieces and easy to assemble parts make this toy a big hit. A great toy to help develop creativity while enriching critical thinking. Playing with this toy naturally reinforces Math concepts such as colors, counting and size.


  • There are variations of sets so do some research online to get one you feel your child will enjoy.

  • A great basic set is MEGA Bloks Building Imagination Bag (80 pcs)Classic It comes in a handy carrying case, great for storing or for taking to visit family!


    sorting mega bloks by color Reinforce Sorting

  • Sort Colors into boxes or baskets. Shoe boxes work well or baskets from WalMart like the ones shown. This is another way you can store them and can make sorting colors a "fun clean up activity".

  • Label each basket with the color word red and/or color a square and tape onto each basket for your child to match the color.

  • build mega bloks into buildings by color Reinforce Colors

  • Separate blocks by colors and build a building in each color. Reinforce color identification by asking your child to point to the red building or asking what color is each building.
  • Compare the size of the buildings.
  • Count the number of buildings

  • Learning about Patterns
    making patterns with mega bloks

  • Separate a few colors and build simple patterns such as red, blue, red, blue.

  • After making a pattern, have your child point and say the colors to reinforce the concept of what a pattern is.
  • For children just learning patterns, start a pattern of blocks for them and say the colors together and have them guess what the next color should be.
  • Tip

  • Separate the same size shapes to make it easier to see and to build the pattern.

  • building mega bloks tall and wide Build Tall and Wide

  • Discuss what is tall and what is wide. Use your arms, pictures in a book or even a tape measure to demonstrate.
  • Build a tall building and then a wide one.
  • Use other words to describe the buildings such as short, high, etc.
  • Compare Size

  • Build two buildings and ask which one is bigger, which one is shorter, which one is wider.


    Use lots of descriptive words when playing with toddler toys to reinforce colors and size, numbers and other math concepts naturally.


    Numbers and Number Sense

  • Counting: How many buildings or blocks.
  • Represent (How many is three?) Ask your child to hand you two blocks, or two blue blocks.
  • Quantity (More, Less, Equal) Which pile has more, less.
  • Patterns, Sorting and Classifying (Algebra and Functions)

  • Sorting Objects by Attribute (color, size or shape)
  • Comparing Objects (color, size, shape)
  • Simple Patterns

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