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Toddler Toys: Foam Bath Letters

Foam Alphabet and Numbers for the Tub...a great play and learn activity!

foam bath letters DESCRIPTION

Toddler Toys: ABC and number Foam Tub Toys are great for introducing the alphabet, beginning spelling and other alphabet activities. They are a fun way to introduce numbers and counting.


  • There are various brands. We like Rub A Dub Abc & 123 because it has two sets of letters and one set of numbers.

  • Identifying colors: Put all the like color pieces on the tub wall.
  • Recognition of letters: Find a letter floating in the tub. For young toddlers separate the letters from the numbers and select just a few letters and put it in the tub.
  • Alphabet or Number Train: Make an alphabet or number train on the tub wall.
  • Letter Sounds: See if your child can find the letter by giving them the sound.
  • Name: Put only the letters of their name in the tub and practice spelling it correctly on the wall.

  • Number Identification: Put only the numbers in the tub and see if your child can find a number you ask for. Later they can build larger numbers like 10, 15, etc.

  • Child assigns meaning and importance to letters and numbers in context rather than abstract.
  • Great opportunity to learn letter names, sounds, and order of alphabet, numbers, sequence in a very hands on way.

  • Other bath tub toy favorites also made by Alex:

  • The first are the letters mentioned above with two sets of the alphabet and one of the numbers.

  • The squirting toys are fun but you have to squeeze ALL the water out...and I would recommend changing every few months.

  • My girls have always enjoyed ducks, all colors and all sizes.

  • The bath and tub city have pieces that can be built on a foam platform or as my girls like to do, you can also stick them on the tub wall. They like playing with the people like puppets.

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