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Toddler Science: Recycle a Milk Jug and Make a Watering Can

Toddler Science: Learn About Recycling and Make a Watering Can from a Half Gallon Jug.

recycled milk jug into watering can DESCRIPTION

A green living craft! Planting a garden or some flowers? Make a recycled watering can with your child.


  • 1/2 gallon milk or juice jug thoroughly rinsed with cap
  • Small Nail and Hammer
  • Foam Stickers

  • Acrylic Paint (optional)

    1. Rinse a 1/2 gallon milk jug thoroughly and remove label.
    2. When dry, adhere stickers of choice.
    3. Adult Step: On a soft surface like a placemat or rug, place your cap on the surface. Holding a nail, gently use hammer to make a hole.
    4. Repeat until you have about 6 to 9 holes. Depending on size of the garden or plants, adjust the size of the hole.


  • Keep an additional cap so you can make two different size holes to adjust to different watering conditions. Small house plants in pots you might want a smaller hole and outdoor gardens, a larger set of holes.
  • Over time the watering can may lose the stickers but you can simply send in the jug for recycling and create a new one!

    Paint with Acrylic Paints

    For another decorating idea, paint with acrylic paints. We were first going to paint around the stickers and then lift off the stickers but the girls liked it so much with the colorful stickers we left the foam stickers and they have been holding up very well.

  • A book is a great way to introduce a toddler science activity. Go to the library or a bookstore and find a book on recycling or Earth Day. Some suggestions are listed below.



  • Seeing Pictures in a book or online. If you Google "garbage dump picture" you can get pictures to help show what garbage accumulation looks like.
  • Hearing and listening to directions given.
  • Communication

  • Oral Explanation of why it is important to recycle.
  • Pictorial Showing pictures in a book

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