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Toddler Recipes: Oreo Turkeys

Toddler Recipes: Cute Oreo Turkeys are sure to liven up a Thanksgiving table. This is best for children who are about 5 years and up to assist with.

oreo-turkeys DESCRIPTION

Make oreo cookies into these funny turkeys for a cute party centerpiece or a very sweet treat.


  • 9 candy corn

  • 2 Double Stuffed Oreo Cookies
  • l Whopper
  • 1 Reeses Peanut Butter Cup
  • 1 Tube of Black Gel, 1 tube of White Gel

  • 1 Chocolate Frosting or white (chocolate will probably be less visible)

  • 1 tube pink or orange decorating icing


  • 2 small plastic ziplocks (ziploc freezer works best)

  • Scissors
  • 2 Small dishes to put candies in (Whoppers and Candy Corn)

  • Plastic knife for spreading frosting
  • Knife (adult only)


    1. Put Reeses cups and whoppers in refrigerator to harden and make it easier to work with.
    2. Add a couple tablespoons of frosting in small dish or bowl.
    3. Gently pull apart one side of the Oreo cookie. Add some frosting on the insides of both halves.

    4. Place 6 candy corns into the frosting white tip down. Add more frosting and close the oreo cookie. Let set for a few minutes.
    5. oreo turkeys putting in the candy corn

    6. Place a generous amount of frosting on the bottom of this cookie and attach to flat Oreo cookie.
    7. Let set with a small box like a jello or tea box to support while it hardens a little
    8. oreo turkeys attaching it to the base

    9. Take the Reeses out of the refrigerator and slice one side to make it flat. Put frosting on the flat surface and on the side facing the "tail" and attach.
    10. Put frosting on the whopper and attach the head.
    11. Find a candy corn with a lot of white and slice the white part off. (Adult only) Add frosting to the wide side and attach to make the beak.
    12. Put frosting on either side of the Reeses cup and attach a candy corn to make the wings.
    13. Open ziplock and put a couple teaspoons of frosting into one corner. Do this with the white and the black.

    14. Snip a very small corner of the ziplocks (smallest you possibly can). Squeeze a couple white circles onto the Whopper for eyes. Add a dot of black icing on top
    15. Make feet with the icing. We used writing icing in a tube.


  • Let set for a few minutes on each step to let frosting harden a little.
  • I used Duncan Hines cake frosting in a tub to hold the candy corn in place. I also tried icing in a tube but it wasn't as quick a bond.
  • I used icing in a tube for the eyes and feet. I didn't have the correct attachment so I used ziplocks and this made it an even finer point to work with.

  • Put more icing in the bag if your child is making the details. It's easier to control. Practice on a napkin or waxed paper.
  • Use chocolate frosting for the bonding of the cookies, head and wings so it's less visible.
  • Although we have this listed under toddler recipes, it's suggested as a party centerpiece or decoration. An older child will best be able to assist with this project.

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