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Toddler Books: Snowman Activities

Toddler Books: Cute flannel board activity used to introduce this Snowman craft.


Read a few books about snow and winter with your child, learn a flannel board story and make a snowman!


  • All You Need for a Snowman or another favorite book about snow or a snowman.

  • Blue Construction Paper

  • White Felt
  • Washable Markers

  • White Crayons

  • Elmers Glue or glue stick

    1. Read a book(s) about snow or building a snowman.
    2. Cut out three circles ranging in size from small to large. For most toddlers, you will need to cut this out for them.
    3. Show them a picture of a snowman and talk about the size of the snow balls used to make him. Where is the largest, smallest, etc.

    4. Have them arrange the pieces on the paper before gluing.
    5. Glue onto paper. If using a glue stick as we did, use a generous amount to stick better.
    6. Add details like eyes, nose and mouth with marker. Add arms if desired.
    7. Using a white crayon add snow to the background.


  • Take time to discuss what snow is or a snowman especially for those children who have not experienced snow.

    Five Little Snowmen

    flannelboard with snowmen
    5 little snowmen standing in a row.
    Each had a hat and a great big bow.
    Out came the sun and shone all day.
    And one little snowman melted away.

    4 little snowmen standing in a row.
    Each had a hat and a great big bow.
    Out came the sun and shone all day.
    And one little snowman melted away.

    (Continue until you have no snowmen left.)

    Use the links provided below from free printable sites such as Family Fun and make your five snowmen for a flannel board version of this poem. Above is a photo of one done at our local library.

  • Printable Snowman

  • Printable Template of Snowman

    Make Your Own Story Board

    Make your own story board that you can use for story retelling activities or flannel board stories.


  • Poster board, foam board or card board
  • Self adhesive velcro dots or strips cut into small squares
  • Steps

  • Select either the loop or the hook side to place on the board. If you select the hook side, you will always use the loop side for your pictures.
  • Place dots in even rows so you have a variety of places to stick your pieces. Depending on how large the board is or how many dots will determine how much space you want to put between velcro dots.
  • Glue pictures onto cardboard or construction paper and stick on a velcro dot on the back of each. Remember to always use the opposite piece as the one you put on the board for the pictures to stick.

  • feature mitten snowmen Make a Glove Puppet

    Make a glove sure to add the thumb to make the fifth snowman!! See Here for Directions

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