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Toddler Activities: Water Globe

Toddler Activities: Make a glitter globe or a snow globe! Cute idea for a kids party or a holiday craft.

water globe DESCRIPTION

Match it to the theme of your party or make one for a special holiday by changing the figurine.


  • Baby Food jar or other small jar with label removed

  • Plastic figurines (cupcake toppers, plastic animals)

  • Low Temperature Glue Gun or use a sealant like E6000 Multi-Purpose Adhesive for a stronger hold. (Adult Use Only)
  • Glitter

  • Felt, lace or ribbon to decorate base and cover the lid.
  • Distilled Water

  • Paper towels


    1. With a glue gun, adhere plastic figurine onto the inside of the baby food jar cover. for a stronger, longer lasting bond use a sealant like E-6000. (Adult step)
    2. Fill baby jar with distilled water almost to the top and add about a 1/2 teaspoon of glitter.
    3. Dry outside of glass rim. Put sealant around the outside of the rim of the jar for a tighter seal and screw on lid evenly.

    4. Glue on lace, felt or strip of ribbon with glue gun or craft glue like fabri-tac around the lid to decorate.

  • A glue gun is a fast way to adhere figurine but is not a permanent seal. Figurines may get loose after a period of time.
  • For best seal and for gluing figurine securely, use a sealant found at crafts stores. Ask which type is best for glass and water. Be sure to read ALL precautions prior to using. Adult step only
  • Plastic cupcake toppers make perfect objects. Find one for the theme of your party or holiday.
  • Goo Gone works well if there is any sticky residue from the label on the baby jar.
  • Test different types of glitter to see what floats or sinks.

  • For winter or Christmas globes, use white glitter.
  • We used some scrap booking glitter hearts and some fine silver glitter.
    For Birthday Parties or Classroom

    After doing the activity with the girls, here are my recommendations.

  • Have all bottles cleaned and ready to fill with water
  • Glue figurine ahead of time to the inside lid of jar. Make extra if there are different figures so children can select the one they like.
  • Have ribbon cut to desired length. Various colors, designs are nice for them to select from.
  • Have glitter measured out in small containers (such as applesauce containers) ready to pour into water for younger children.
  • Fill a measuring cup with lip with the distilled water for easier pouring and less spilling.

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