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Toddler Activities: Decoupage Marbled Tissue Vase

Toddler Activities: Transform a simple jar or vase into a piece of art. Great for ages 4+ with adult assistance.

marble-tissue vase DESCRIPTION

A little variation on the basic tissue and glue technique creates this beautiful result.


  • Empty jar, bottle (Snapple, Iced Coffee). Wash and dry removing all labels.
  • Tissue Paper One large sheet (20" x 25") or two small sheets.

  • Two or three colors of Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint
  • Waxed Paper
  • Mod Podge Gloss-Lustre Non Toxic Water Based Sealer, glue and finish. This is Decoupage glue.
  • Acrylic Sealer Spray (Adult Use Only)
  • Ribbon, beads or other decorative items (optional)

  • Scissors
  • Small container for Mod Podge and brush
  • Flat paint scraper, old credit card, or cardboard piece

    1. Lay out newspaper on flat surface. Place waxed paper on top of newspaper.
    2. Lay one sheet of tissue on the waxed paper.
    3. Drizzle paint on tissue paper.

    4. marble tissue step 3

    5. Using paint scraper, small piece of cardboard or other flat smooth item, spread the paint evenly onto the tissue paper. Let colors blend together but don't over do and make colors muddy. If you want more gold or a certain color in an area...put a couple drops where you want it and spread gently.

    6. marble tissue step 4

    7. Let dry overnight and gently peel off waxed paper. Newspaper will stick so make sure most of surface is covered by waxed paper.

    8. Tear into 2" inch pieces or a little larger if it is a large bottle or vase.

    9. Pour ModPodge or other decoupage glue into small dish. Using brush, apply generously onto small area on the glass jar. Or apply to back of tissue.

    10. Press tissue piece onto the jar. Overlap pieces so that there are no spaces between each tissue piece.
    11. Repeat until entire bottle or vase is covered.

    12. Apply two coats on top of tissue letting each coat dry before applying the second.
    13. Let dry completely.
    14. Spray with Acrylic Spray if you want more gloss (Adult only)
    15. Embellish by tying a ribbon, beads or by adding flowers to vase.


  • Goo Gone works well if there is sticky residue left from label.
  • We used the back of children's paint scrapers to spread the paint.
  • Explain how to spread the paint gently. Practice on a piece of tissue so your child understands your directions.
  • Find colors that will complement the room it will be in. Using a metallic color like gold or silver really adds to the finished product. Above we used blue, gold and green. It worked well so we are trying a vase now with the tomato red and gold to match the living room.
  • Have children wear smocks or t-shirts as acrylic when dried is permanent. Delta Ceramcoat is washable when wet. My girls actually managed to remain paint free using the scrapers.
  • Costco sells large sheets of tissue during Christmas at a very inexpensive price. You can also find sheets at the Dollar Tree.

    Other Materials

  • Cover small trays, bowls. Find some neat vases at garage sales, or antique shops.

  • Since the paint eliminates the sheerness of the tissue you could use items made from plastic which may be preferable as a young toddler activity.

  • To simplify this toddler activity, tear colored or patterned tissue into small squares and glue on as described. This was a project that I used in my classroom for a Mother's Day gift. We did this blue and gold vase with my four year olds.

    Mother's Day is relatively modern, and has been celebrated from about the start of the 20th century. In countries other than the United States, mother's day is also celebrated however, it may be on a different day because of the different origins. In the UK it is called Mothering Sunday and some countries refer to is as International Women's Day. If you have a special note on Mother's Day, please feel free to share it with us! We love to learn new things.

    Thanks for stopping by! Comments Are Welcome!

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