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Toddler Activities: Chinese New Year Flowers

Toddler Activities: Peach Blossoms picture using black paint and tissue to celebrate Chinese New Year.

straw painting DESCRIPTION

Make a peach tree with blossoms using a straw, paint and pink tissue paper.


  • Straw
  • Black tempera paint

  • Construction or other thick white paper
  • Pink tissue paper

  • Elmer's Glue


  • Scissors


    1. Put a few drops of black paint onto the lower portion of the paper.
    2. Blow paint gently using straw.
    3. Let dry.
    4. Cut 1.5 in squares of pink tissue. using finger or pencil eraser, place in center of square and fold tissue up.
    5. Glue in random locations like flowers on branches.


  • Have your child practice blowing gently through the straw. They get excited and start blowing harder and you may get more than air!

  • Take a break after a few blows each so as not to get that light headed.


    As the Chinese New Year begins, homes blossom with traditional flowers and fruits. In addition to the decorative and festive effect, the fruits and flowers convey a rich and symbolic message. Each one has a long tradition of being a part of the Chinese New Year celebration. The peach tree is a symbol of longevity, growth, prosperity, and romance. It is one of the most popular motifs found in Chinese art.

    Books are a great way to tie in an activity and learn something new. Here are a few books on Chinese New Year

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