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Toddler Activities: Red Light Green Light Graham Crackers

Toddler Activities: Make an yummy graham stoplight. Great hands on toddler activity to learn about the importance and meaning of a stoplight.

edible stoplight DESCRIPTION

Fun way to learn what each color on a stoplight means. Play a game to help reinforce the concepts learned.


  • Graham Crackers (Honeymaid makes a good size rectangle cracker)
  • White Frosting

  • M and M candies in red, green and yellow

  • Small paper plate
  • Plastic spoon or knife
  • Small paper cup or dish for frosting if a group of children are doing this activity
  • Paper Towels

    1. Carefully remove graham from package and leave intact, do not break.
    2. For younger children adult should put a tablespoon of frosting on the cracker. Using the back of spoon or knife spread frosting.
    3. Place m and m's in a dish and have each child select a red, yellow, and green and place on paper towel. Have them arrange the order on the paper towel before placing on the graham cracker with frosting.
    4. Use directional words like top, middle and bottom and of course color words.


  • Read a book on safety or find a picture of a stoplight prior to this toddler activity to introduce what a stoplight looks light and what it is for.
  • Color a picture of a stop light. Find a printable online or draw a simple rectangle with three circles. Your child can refer back to his coloring to place the correct color m and m on their cracker.

    Red Light, Green Light for 3+ years old

    Educational Value Learning what green light and red light means and following verbal directions.
    Object of the Game Be the first to reach the "stoplight".
    Directions How to Play
    1. Establish a start and finish line. Shorter for first timers or younger children.
    2. The person selected to be the "Stoplight" stands at the finish line. This is usually the teacher or adult to demonstrate how the game is played. The other players spread out across the start line.
    3. The person who is the "Stoplight" says, "Green Light!" and turns away from the players and counts out loud from 1 to 5 (for young children 1-10 for older children), during which time the players run toward the finish line.
    4. When the person who is the "Stoplight" reaches 5 or 10, yell, "Red Light!" and turns back to the players. At the sound of the words "Red Light," the players stop running and freeze.
    5. The person who is the "Stoplight" or an adult helping on the sidelines sends anyone still moving back to the start line.
    6. The person who is the "Stoplight" yells, "Green Light!" and the game continues until someone reaches the finish line and tags the person who is the "Stoplight." This person becomes the next "Stoplight". Now the teacher or adult can help monitor the game.

    Tips and Suggestions

    When it is very young children, just call out Red Light and Green light at intervals without counting which can confuse them. Keep facing forward so you can verbally encourage them and guide them. If they move when you say "Red Light", have them sit in a wait area for the next round. It is less confusing then to have them start over. Trust me, I've done this with 25 four and five year olds!


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