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Toddler Activities: Christmas Stars

Toddler Activities: Salt Dough Christmas Star Ornaments

salt dough Christmas stars DESCRIPTION

Cute Christmas Stars you can hang as tree ornaments, decorate wreaths, hang in windows or tie on a gift.

See here for the Salt Dough Recipe

star cutters OTHER ITEMS

  • Star Cuttes
  • Silver and Green Glitter
  • Glue for the Glitter
  • Water soluble non-toxic paint
  • White Foam or Puff Paint
  • Red and Green 3-D paint
  • Ribbon

    1. Make Dough as Directed in the Salt Dough Recipe link provided above.
    2. Using star cutters, cut out stars in various sizes.
    3. Cut a few small stars inside of a larger one for variation and keep them to glue onto the larger stars.

    4. Bake pieces as instructed. Keep pieces separate
    5. When the dough is dried from baking, brush off excess flour and begin painting the each of the stars.
    6. Let the paint dry completely.
    7. Glue on small stars onto the larger ones using Elmer's white glue. Be generous with the glue, it will dry clear.
    8. Allow to dry overnight if possible.
    9. how to decorate salt dough christmas stars

    10. The next step is to paint the details on the stars with the white puff paint and the 3-D red and green.
    11. Make polka dots or draw lines with Elmer's glue on the stars and sprinkle with glitter.
    12. Tie on ribbon and they are ready for decorating your tree, wreath, windows or tie on a gift.
    13. See photos for Christmas decorating ideas.


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