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Toddler Activities: Recipe or Letter Holder

Toddler Activities: A handy recipe holder for the cook in the family! Add a pack of recipe cards or note cards to complete this cute gift.

recipe holder with button flowers DESCRIPTION

A recipe or letter holder...add silk flowers, foam stickers, buttons or your choice of decor.


  • Jumbo Craft Sticks (100) CHK3676
  • Craft Glue

  • Acrylic Paint like Ceramcoat.
  • Acrylic Sealer
  • Decorations: CRAFT BUTTONS-1/2LB silk flowers, rhinestones, stickers, paint pens, glitter, etc.
  • Ribbon for hanging
  • Thin ribbon for flower stems (optional)

  • Small container for Paint and brush
  • Waxed Paper or Non Stick cookie sheet to dry on
  • Add a pack of recipe cards or note cards with the holder
      recipe holder step 1

    1. Take 3 jumbo sticks and form a U and glue together.

    2. recipe holder step 2

    3. Continue gluing seven more sticks to the top.

    4. recipe holder step 3

    5. Turn the holder over. Now glue a stack of seven sticks together. Repeat so you have two sets.

    6. recipe holder step 4

    7. Glue one stack on the left vertical stick and one stack on the right.

    8. Glue one stick on the bottom.

    9. recipe holder step 5

    10. Glue four sticks on the top to make the front of the holder.

    11. When glue has dried, paint with acrylic paint. We used two coats of white ceramcoat acrylic paint.

    12. When this has dried, spray with Acrylic Spray 1-2 coats to get a nice sheen.
    13. Decorate with your choice of flowers, stickers, foam cut outs, felt, etc.

    14. Glue a piece of ribbon on the back so this can be hung or you can attach two more jumbo sticks in the back to form a "house" shape.


  • Use craft glue for a faster, stronger bond.
  • You can also glue two craft sticks together in an upside down "V" to the back to create a way to hang this holder.

    jumbo craftstick recipe holder For younger toddlers, simple button patterns look pretty too! Other simple decorations are foam stickers and medium size silk flowers.


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