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Toddler Activities: Easter Pin

Toddler Activities: Make Cute Easter or Spring Pins

***y-t3-block-ad-center.shtml***plaster of paris easter pin DESCRIPTION

A cute Easter gift or Spring Pin.


  • Plaster of Paris
  • Wilton Candy Mold or similar
  • Tempera, Acrylic Paint, or Ceramcoat
  • Pin Back with Latch

  • Craft Glue


  • Container to mix plaster and plastic spoon.
  • Small piece of sandpaper (fine grade)

  • Acrylic Spray (optional)

    1. Mix plaster in container according to directions.
    2. Fill heart mold with plaster. Make it level using plastic knife and tap mold gently on surface to eliminate bubbles.
    3. Let dry about an hour or according to directions and pop out of the mold.
    4. Let fully dry for several hours. Sand rough edges gently.
    5. Paint and let dry.

    6. Decorate (see ideas below)

    7. Glue pin to the back unless you pressed into the plaster while drying.
    8. Spray with acrylic spray for extra shine.

  • PAINT A SOLID COLOR: For young toddlers, paint a solid color and adult spray with acrylic spray to make it shiny.

  • ADD GLITZ: Put a dab of glitter glue on surface and spread with paint brush.

  • MAKE DESIGNS: Use a Q-tip to make spots or stripes or paint small areas.


  • While plaster is wet you can press pin back gently into the back of the mold.


  • Attach a magnet to the back and make a cute refrigerator set as a gift.
  • Dress up an Easter basket with a few of these.

  • Make Pins for Other Holidays or Special Occastions

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    Conversation hearts make fun pins, cool magnets or even a cute "candy display".

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