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Toddler Activities: Seashells in a Wall Hanging

Toddler Activities: Make a Pretty Seashell Wall Hanging or Display with Plaster of Paris. An activity even younger toddlers can enjoy.

seashell hanging DESCRIPTION

Collect seashells from a summer trip to the beach or purchase form a craft store and create a simple but pretty decoration.


  • Paper Plate
  • Plaster of Paris

  • Various Shells
  • Light, sheer colored acrylic paint like Ceramcoat
  • Paintbrush
  • Ribbon

  • Measuring cup
  • Plastic container for mixing
  • Spoon for stirring
  • Scissors

    1. Mix plaster as directed so that you have about a cup of mixed plaster.
    2. Select your shells and lay plate, shells on newspaper.
    3. If you plan to use ribbon to hang, place ribbon on plate in a loop.

    4. Pour plaster onto plate (pours like pancake mix)into a rough circular shape.
    5. Gently press shells into plaster, keeping tops showing. Vary depth for interest or turn a couple shells over.
    6. Let dry and brush lightly with paint.
    7. Select an iridescent or glitter paint for extra sparkle.
    8. Display by hanging when dry or if without a ribbon use a small stand.


  • Since many of us bought those face masks in anticipation of the swine might want to wear one while mixing up the plaster. Keep this part of the activity away from all children to reduce inhaling any of the powder.

    Turtle Scene

    plaster of paris turtle scene
    A plastic Easter shell and a pom pom makes this simply cute turtle. Add a few silk flowers and leave and you have a turtle scene.

    Penguin Fun

    plaster of paris penguin scene A yogurt makes a perfect igloo along with a penguin figuring and some sea creature mini erasers. Embellished with a few glass pebbles and some light blue paint with sparkles to give the illusion of water.

    See above for directions and tips

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