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Toddler Activities: Decorate a Piggy Bank

Toddler Activities: Decorate a piggy bank and introduce the concept of saving and learn about money.

piggy-bank DESCRIPTION

Looking for toddler activities to introduce the concept of money? Why not have your child decorate his own piggy bank.


  • Acrylic Paint
  • Brush and Paper Plate or plastic pallate for paint
  • ceramic piggy bank (you can find these at craft stores in various sizes. There are pigs and other animals as well.
  • Newpaper to work on.


    1. Have materials ready and start painting.
    2. Let dry thoroughly before handling.


  • Have several small cups of water handy to rinse brushes.
  • Wear an old t-shirt or smock. Acrylic is harder to get out of clothes and likely to leave a stain.


  • Use other items to embellish the piggy bank like bows, button, felt, etc.

  • Use play money to introduce different coin values. We recommend the Learning Resources Teaching Cash Register

  • Use buttons or tokens to earn special rewards. For example in potty training, if you opt to do a reward program, you can reward with tokens and use the piggy bank to collect them to earn small items.

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