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Toddler Activities: 4th of July Pins

Toddler Activities: Patriotic Star Pins

patriotic star pins DESCRIPTION

Here is a toddler activity using Plaster of Paris to make patriotic star pins or magnets. Decorate with a Q-tip or paintbrush to get these eye catching results. Easy classroom craft or party activity!


  • Plaster of Paris
  • Star Candy Mold (We used Wilton Candy Mold found at stores with a Craft Supply Section for about $2)
  • Tempera or Acrylic Paint/Brush
  • Pin Back with Latch

  • Craft Glue


  • Disposable Container to mix plaster and spoon.
  • Small piece of sandpaper (fine grade)

  • Q-tip
  • Acrylic Spray
  • Plastic palette


    1. Mix plaster in container according to directions. (Adult only) Avoid breathing in dust.
    2. Fill star mold with plaster. Make it level by tapping mold gently to eliminate bubbles. You can gently wipe away excess with paper towel.
    3. Let dry about an hour or according to directions and pop out of the mold.
    4. Let dry for several more hours. Sand rough edges gently if any.
    5. Paint and let dry.

    6. Decorate using Q-tip to paint spots (for stars) and stripes. For the sparkler effect, dab paint sparingly on tip of brush and ligthly press on a piece of newspaper or paper towel. Let bristles splay ir spread out a little. Dab lightly on star at a 90 degree angle.
    7. Sprays with Acrylic Spray (Adult Only in well ventilated area.) Let dry.
    8. Glue pin to the back.


  • Read a book about the 4th of July and explain the significance of the stars on the flag.

  • Look at a picture of the flag and discuss the colors of the United States Flag.
  • You can embed the pin while the plaster is drying if you prefer but I have found it easier for the children to decorate the pin when it is flat and less likely to move around.

    Make a Push Pin

    Glue to a thumbtack or pushpin (Adult step of course) and make a cute set for your bulletin board.

    Make a Magnet

    Glue a magnet to the back and make a gift to a special teacher or person. All loose magnets need to be monitored closely by parents and kept out of reach of children.


    The flag of the United States of America has thirteen horizontal stripes. There are seven red stripes alternating with six white stripes, with a blue rectangle in the left upper corner with fifty white stars. The fifty stars on the flag represent the fifty U.S. states and the thirteen stripes represent the original thirteen colonies that became the first states in the Union.

    A great way to introduce an activity is to find a book about the topic.

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