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Toddler Activities: Five Little Pumpkins Poem and Decoration

Toddler Activities: A classic Halloween poem with a cute activity to go with it.

five little pumpkins poem and picture DESCRIPTION

Learn the classic Halloween poem Five Little Pumpkins with hand motions and make a Halloween decoration to go with it.


  • Black Construction paper
  • Free Printable Five Little Pumpkins Poem and hand motions to go with it.
  • Six Colored Craft Sticks
  • Orange Foam or Foam Pumpkin Stickers
  • Elmer's Glue or Craft Glue
  • Additional Halloween Foam Stickers (optional)

  • Scissors
  • Newspaper to work on
  • Art smock or old shirt
      making the picture for five little pumpkins

    1. Cut four craft sticks in half (use a sharp scissors which will make a clean cut (Adult Only)

    2. Glue the vertical pieces for the fence and then one long horizontal piece on top. Craft glue will dry faster and stronger.

    3. Cut out foam pumpkin shapes. Draw on faces with black marker. Or use precut foam pumpkin stickers available at most craft stores or in craft sections.
    4. Glue or adhere five pumpkins on the fence.
    5. Print out poem and mount onto paper. Keep bottom portion with suggested motions for reference when teaching your child the song.
    6. Let dry completely before hanging


  • Find some Halloween foam stickers to add more details to the picture or make your own shapes with foam.
  • As a classroom activity, pre-cut construction paper pumpkins and have the children draw their own faces. Show a few examples on the board to stimulate their imagination.
  • For preschool, make a larger version using uncut craft sticks and larger pumpkins. Write out or enlarge poem for all children to be able to view.

  • Read a Halloween story about a pumpkin. Have your child give their pumpkin a name or have your child tell you a simple sentence about the pumpkin and write it for him or her on another sheet of paper.

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