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Toddler Activities: Easter Bunny Wall Hanging

Toddler Activities: A cute Easter activity you and your child can make together. Ages 5+

easter felt bunny wall hanging DESCRIPTION

Here is a cute wall hanging that can decorate your home at Easter time. This pattern came from Grandma's Bunnies

by Darcy Ashton. Bunnies and More also has some very cute patterns to select from. You can also find some Free Printable Bunny patterns online or draw your own!


  • 1 Sheet of White Foamboard

  • Orange Felt 13" x 15"
  • Assorted Colors of Felt
    (sold in sheets of 9" x 10.5")

  • White
    Light Orange
    Light Blue
    Lime green
    Light Pink
    Dark Pink

  • Fabri-Tac Adhesive

  • Lime Green Paper Easter Grass

  • Pen and Pencil

  • Yard Stick and ruler

  • Scissors

  • Straight Pins

  • Box cutter

  • Twine or string about 2 feet
    1. Cut foamboard to measure 11" x 12" with box cutter.

    2. foamboard placed on felt step 1 felt bunny step 2

    3. Glue orange felt (13" x 15") to foamboard leaving a border on the backside of approximately 2" all the way around. This glue is very thick and will come out in small drops, so just dab it on the felt in small areas at the time, then smooth the felt with your hand to eliminate any wrinkles. See photo.

    4. felt bunny step 3

    5. Mark the middle of the top of the foamboard at 5 1/2 inches and the side at 6 inches. These are reference marks for the border design.

    6. Place border pattern on a corner making sure the reference marks match, then draw around and cut. You will have to turn the pattern over and use the backside to cut two corners. See photo.

    7. Cut out the bunny in white and his eye which is a light and dark pink. Glue on the eye, refer to pattern for position. Cut out the eggs in colors shown and decorate as follows. Use a pink heart and two green strips, some diamonds in white, blue strips for rings, orange petals and two light pink zigzags. Refer to photo for a close-up of the finished eggs.

    8. felt bunny step 6
    9. Glue on the paper grass in a 3 inch wide strip, making sure you leave the border showing. You can place straight pins where the foamboard begins on the sides and bottom. Dab glue on felt in small areas and press the paper grass onto the glue. When dry, fluff it by shaking it upside down, this will get rid of loose pieces and make it look thick. See photo.

    10. felt bunny close up of eggs step 8
    11. Glue the bunny so his feet are horizontal in the grass and his tail is about 1 inch from the right side.

    12. Glue on eggs as shown in photo.

    13. Attach a piece of twine on the back to hang.

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