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Toddler Activities: Easter Tissue Eggs

Toddler Activities: Make an Easter Ornament Tree that will last for years to come to hang Easter ornaments or Tissue Eggs. Could be used at Christmas too!

Easter egg tree DESCRIPTION

Hang your favorite Easter Ornaments on this Easter Tree.


  • Potter, clay flower pot or cache' pot
  • Shredded paper grass
  • Green Tissue paper
  • Masking Tape

  • Newspaper

  • Glue Gun


    1. Choose your container.

    2. easter tree base

    3. Wrap three sheets of newspaper that are folded horizontally three times. Wrap around the end of the branch as tightly as possible and secure with several strips of masking tape.

    4. easter tree base
    5. Place in the container and pack newspaper all around the sides. Secure the tree with masking tape to hold in a straight vertical position. Then criss cross the masking tape several more times for sturdiness. See Photo.

    6. easter tree leaves

    7. Make leaves by cutting strips of tissue 1 1/2 inches wide. Then cut into squares. These pieces of tissue do not have to be exact, you can estimate the size of a square.
    8. Fold the tissue so all corners are together then, pinch and roll the bottom between finger and thumb to form a point. This technique is more for adults. Your toddler may participate in this part of the tree and help make the leaves also. With a square of tissue, wad it up in a ball and it will look like a bud or small flower. It will have a beautiful feel of Spring. See Photo

    9. glue on easter tree leaves

    10. Hot glue all the leaves or balls to the branches. (Adults ONLY)
    11. Tie on decorations. Directions for making the Tissue Eggs shown in the photo can be found Here.

    12. .

    13. Place the paper grass around the base of the tree.


  • Directions for making the Tissue Eggs shown in the photo can be found Here.

  • Store your tree in a plastic bag and you will be able to use it for many years.
  • Easter Tree

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