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Toddler Activities: Crayon Rubbings

Toddler Activities: There is always something special about toddler activities that are handmade. It will hold special meaning for you as a parent or a grandparent. It is an especially nice gift for family members that live far away. Great way to develop fine motor skills too.

crayon rubbings DESCRIPTION

Crayon rubbings are fun because even children who can't quite hold a crayon can rub one on a paper. The rubbings that show up are a fun surprise.


  • Crayons with the paper wrapping removed.
  • Lightweight paper like newsprint
  • Interesting surfaces (leaves, coins, mesh material, flat combs)

    1. Collect all your materials together: rubbings, paper, crayons.
    2. Place item under newsprint or lightweight paper. Assist in keeping paper from shifting..
    3. Demonstrate how to hold the crayon. If this is a first time you might want your child to practice using the crayon flat on a practice sheet..
    4. Let child place next object and replace paper.


  • Save broken crayons...these work great for this activity.
  • Light paper like newsprint works best for clearer results.

  • Discuss the shapes selected by your child: discuss, color, shape and texture.


  • Make it an outdoor theme and collect items like leaves, bark and flowers outside on a walk..
  • Make into a card or use as wrapping paper.

  • Frame as a gift to a loved one. Small frames in sets of 3 make a nice collage of photos.

  • envelope rubbings Mystery Envelope Game

    Put mystery objects into a sealed envelope and let your child guess what is inside and then rub on top with a crayon to see what it is.

    Things to put inside: coins, feather, puzzle pieces, foam shapes, stickers, buttons, piece of lace.

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